By utilizing the best and latest car wash technology, Auto Oasis Express Wash is the best way to keep your car spotlessly clean & dry, quickly and conveniently... and did we mention economically too?


Our Basic Wash is complete with Prep, Soap, Foam Bath, Clean & Dry
$7 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $15


Basic Wash Plus: Triple Foam, Rain Shield, Tire Shine
$15 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $25


Includes the DELUXE Wash plus: Clean Wave,  Carnauba Wax

$19 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $30


Includes the WORKS Wash plus Ceramic Punch - Long Lasting Protective Layer that creates a Deep, Shiny Gloss
$24 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $45
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