Our Wow

Don't just wash your car.  Give it the Wow Factor, with our premium car wash, designed using advanced technology - we  quickly and affordably clean your car while minimizing any environmental impact, and help to support our local communities — making Auto Oasis Express Wash your smartest car wash choice..


By utilizing the best and latest car wash technology, Auto Oasis Express Wash is the best way to keep your car spotlessly clean & dry, quickly and conveniently... and did we mention economically too?


Our Basic Wash is complete with Prep, Soap, Foam Bath, Clean & Dry
$7 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $15


Basic Wash Plus: Triple Foam, Rain Shield, Tire Shine
$15 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $25


Includes the DELUXE Wash plus: Clean Wave,  Carnauba Wax

$19 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $30


Includes the WORKS Wash plus Ceramic Punch - Long Lasting Protective Layer that creates a Deep, Shiny Gloss
$24 w/ APP
Wash Club 8 for $45
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